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A southbound Rocky Mountaineer passenger train slowly moves along the rugged shoreline of Seton Lake under very smoky skies. The sleek train is safely guided along the precarious shoreline by a pilot vehicle, which runs a couple of miles in front and watches for landslides or other obstacles which could cause a fatal derailment.

This was shot in August of 2018 at the height of wildfire season. At least one large fire was burning nearby, and the prevailing smoke silhouetted the mountains on this summer evening.

Hi everybody, I just noticed I was almost at 500 subscribers! First I just want to say thank you for everyone who have already subscribed and also to those that may subscribe after watching this video.

As for the video, all the action was captured in about one hour spent on the BNSF Columbia River Subdivision in Malaga (near Wenatchee) Washington on June 4, 2019. Thanks for watching and if you haven't done so already please subscribe and leave a thought or two. Thanks

Taken from a VHS during my first trip on the Cumbres and Toltec on June 15, 1991. This video features the morning movement of the locomotive from the engine house to the train, scenes from the train ride between Antonito and Los Pinos. Includes a rare scene while the train stops for water at Sublette New Mexico, the rare part is that the passengers are allowed off the train, a practice that does not occur today.



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